Admissions | Junior Section


In the Junior Section only Class III will be open for admission.



 Children born in the following months only will be considered:



 This is strictly enforced.  Fake papers submitted will disqualify.


Individual appointments for registration will be arranged on the following days at the times stated:

FRIDAY 1 MARCH 2019 (Only for Grammarian parents or those with a child in the School)

  • Appointment slips will be available from 9:00 – 10:00 a.m. ON THIS DAY ONLY.
  • The appointment slip is to be collected in person by a parent from the Kindergarten and Junior Section, Clifton.
  •  The appointment for registration and interview will be set for some time on Monday 4 March, Tuesday 5 March, Wednesday 6 March, Thursday 7 March, Friday 8 March, Saturday 9 March, Monday 11 March, Tuesday 12 March, Wednesday 13 March, Thursday 14 March, 2019.  Please keep these mornings free.  Both parents and the child are required to attend.
  • When you come for registration please bring evidence of your Grammarian past and/or details of any other of your children with KGS links, in addition to the required documents listed below.


 SATURDAY 2 MARCH 2019 (For all other applicants)

  • Appointment slips will be available from 7:00 – 8:30 a.m. ON THIS DAY ONLY.
  • The appointment slip is to be collected in person by a parent from the Kindergarten and Junior Section, Clifton.
  • The time of the appointment for registration and interview will be set between Tuesday 5 March to Thursday 14 March 2019. Please keep these mornings free.  Both parents and the child are required to attend.
  •  When you come for the appointment please bring the required documents (see below).


a)      Original birth certificate (NOT a recent extract), with photocopy

b)      B-Form issued by NADRA, with photocopy

c)      Passport-size photograph of the child 1 copy each taken in 2019

d)     Family photograph of parents and child

e)      CNIC of both parents (copies)



The test will be held on the morning of Saturday 16 March 2019 from 8:00 – 11:00 a.m.

Subjects tested will be English, Mathematics and Urdu.





Admission FAQs for Nursery and Class III


Please read the FAQs carefully. Do not repeat the questions which have already been answered. Thank you


Q. We have shifted houses and in the process lost original records including B Form. We do not have any photocopies as they were in the file. A duplicate will not have the original date of issue.

A. For registration you could bring the child’s Passport or your Passport with the child’s name on it. The child’s original Vaccination Card; the present school’s Report Card or any other evidence of your child’s date of birth.

Please keep looking for the original documents as they will be required for admission to the school.


Q. We do not reside in Pakistan, hence it may not be possible for us to personally collect the appointment slip for registration. Is there a way to get hold of this without being personally present?

A. The appointment slip for registration may be collected by a friend/family with a letter of authority from you.


Q. My child is an overseas candidate with no academic grounding in Urdu. Can he be excused from this portion of the exam?

A. At the time of registration, give an application stating that you do not reside in Pakistan. Give evidence of your child’s attendance in his/her school abroad and we will consider the case accordingly. However, we encourage all children to sit for the assessment so that we know their competence in the subject.


Q. I believe there is an entrance test and interview for each child. We are flexible to fulfill the criteria either in July, or before that through any other medium.

A. Please check our website for details. The date for the test is fixed and cannot be changed. Unfortunately, we do not have online or Skype options for admission.


Q. I am an old Grammarian. Unfortunately my wife will not be able to travel due to a high risk pregnancy, and neither would I due to a travel restriction advisory for J 1 visa holders at this time. Could my three year old child visit Pakistan with his grandmother to make it for the interview this spring? Would the grandmother be allowed to complete the registration? Could we be interviewed online?

A. If you give a letter of authority to the grandmother, she may complete the registration and also bring the child for the test. Your interview will be on hold till at least one of you is able to travel. The results are finalized in April.


Q. My son was not born in Pakistan. He has a NICOP but does not have a B-form. Can I submit a copy of the NICOP?  

A. Yes, you may submit a copy of the NICOP instead of the B-form.


Q. My husband and I are both professionals and my child is studying in a private school in England. It would be next to impossible for us to take about ten days leave of absence from work to be able to collect the appointment slip for registration, appear for an interview with the child and sit for the written test for Class III. Any assistance and advice in the matter would be hugely appreciated.

A. The appointment slip for registration may be collected by a friend/family with a letter of authority from you. When taking the appointment slip, request for an appointment date for registration and interview closer to the written test date.


Q. Can one parent attend the interview? Would it affect the chances of my child’s admission?

A. We prefer to meet both parents together. However, where there is a pressing need and is shared with us, we will consider the case with compassion.


Q. My child was eligible for admission last year, but I could not apply as I was not in town. This year, he will be a few days older than the cutoff date. He is very bright, can there be some concession?

A. Entry points and cutoff dates are final and do not change.


Q. Is it compulsory to attend a school to get admission to your school? If so, which schools do you prefer?

A. No, it is not necessary for a child to attend a school for admission. We do not have school preferences.


Q. My child is currently studying in Class I but falls into the age bracket given for Class III.  Should I apply this year or next year?

A. You should apply this year.


Q. Can I bring my GCE A-level certificate which mentions Karachi Grammar School as my enrolled institution, as proof of my Grammarian past? 

A. Yes, you may.


Q. Is there any quota for children who have moved from abroad in classes not open for admission? 

A. No, there is no such quota for children coming from other countries. 


Q. We live abroad and will have to book our seats to travel for my child’s assessment who is applying for    Nursery.  Can you please confirm the date of assessment?

A. You will get the date for assessment on the day of registration.  However, children born in May, June, July,  August will be assessed between 8th and 19th March; September, October, November, December between 21st March and 2nd April; and January, February, March, April between 5th April and 15th April.