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‘Aa’ is for Ambulance

11 Feb 2019

 To reinforce the sound of ‘Aa’, an Ambulance from Aman Foundation was invited to school on Thursday 7th February 2019. The children were quick to read and memorise the emergency phone number 1021 printed on the ambulance.They got an opportunity to meet with the Paramedics and observe the ambulance closely from inside too. The use of the spine board was explained and the children were showed how the  stretcher is wheeled in and out. There was an interactive discussion on how emergency medical help is given to a patient and the importance of giving way to an ambulance on the road. They learnt how the paramedics use the wireless to stay in touch with the hospital. The visit of the Ambulance not only enhanced vocabulary but also left a great impact on the children as it motivated them to think about other rescue teams.