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An Author in Class III

06 Mar 2018

            During the Readathon, the children were­­­ reading and talking about authors. Class III was told they were going to meet a writer they already knew. To their surprise, the author was a Class VI teacher whom they had all seen around school. Ms Saman Shamsie is an author of two children’s books which are available in the Junior Section library. She visited the five sections and read to the children from her storybooks while the children sat around her in a circle on the floor. She also showed them the original paintings she had made which formed the basis for the illustration in her books. The children also asked many questions on the process of publishing, who illustrates the books, how long it takes to write and where she gets her ideas from. Her main tip for writing? Just get started. Pick up a pencil and start with writing a paragraph a day and try to increase how much you write until you have a full story.