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An Exciting Excursion of Class IX- 2015

12 Nov 2015

  In November 2015, a group of our class IX students went on a three-day visit to Lahore. Students were amazed to see the oldest site in the salt mining history of the sub-continent.  It was fascinating to see transparent, white, pink, red salt formation, 17 working levels and its vastness that spread over more than 40 km.

This trip was certainly informative in an academic light, but our students also seem to have learned a lot of valuable life skills in the process. Keeping track of their belongings, abiding by specific timelines, and understanding how to respect each other’s space were an integral part of making this trip a success. The experience also nurtured a genuine sense of patriotism in our students as one of the highlights of their trip was the visit to the Wagha Border's Flag Lowering Ceremony. The trip seems to have created for them many fond memories that they are sure to treasure.