Events | Junior Section

Annual Blood Drive

27 Feb 2018


The foyer and auditorium were turned into a hospital for the 25th Annual Blood Drive. Volunteers, dressed in red, sat at registration desks to take down relevant details of donors who came in droves to donate their blood. Indus Hospital, Aga Khan University Hospital and Hussaini Blood Bank were represented at the Drive.  There were plenty of beds available for everyone to lie down and donate- after they had been through a thorough medical checkup. Students came down section wise to take a tour of the set up. They saw donors having their blood pressure and iron levels checked. They also viewed the blood donation process whereby half pint and pint- sized bags connected by tubes to a person’s arm, filled up with blood. Any donor who had given blood for over ten years, was celebrated by being given a crown while whistles were blown to mark the event. The hall looked very festive with red and white balloons and posters made by the children.