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Annual English Drama 2019

27 Feb 2019

 The Middle Section’s Annual English Drama titled, "Frankenstein" was set loose on the audience from the 21st to the 23rd of February 2019. The show ran to a packed house on all three days in the shed. The play was a stage adaptation by Nick Dear, performed on stage under the direction of Danny Boyle and enacted by Benedict Cumberbatch and Johnny Lee Miller. Ironically, it had officially opened in theatres eight years ago during the same dates that our Middle Section students decided to put on their rendition. The play was directed by Hira Sayem and Saima Salman.

The script is a compendium of sensitive sub plots that question man’s nature and the relationship man has with a higher being. Through the character of the Creature we are taken on a journey of man’s need to fit into society and be accepted. We find ourselves pondering over the themes of revenge, love and spirituality. Simultaneously, Victor Frankenstein, the creator, helps us understand the power of science and the unending hunger to understand the world we live in.

The sensitivity needed to portray these characters on stage and do them justice was a huge expectation from our students. But from the time we started to audition for the play, we knew that the children’s love and understanding of Literature far outstripped our directorial skills. It was only after six months of preparations that we realized that the students had completely taken ownership of this task and worked like a well-oiled machine to make the performances memorable.