Events | Middle Section

Annual English Elocution 2013

25 Oct 2013

On the morning of 24th October 2013, ‘The Shed’ bustled with activity. Children, papers in hand, anticipation marked on their faces, scurried about the stage, consulting their teachers occasionally, fixing their hair, collars and ties, mumbling words that one usually hears from a Shakespeare play or a Tolkien story, as if preparing to execute some special task. Indeed, it was an important moment. For these were participants getting in gear for their elocution, due to take place in just a few moments.

And before we knew it, the Annual English Elocution at Karachi Grammar School, Middle Section, was in full swing: the scurrying relaxed into poise and grace, the announcers sounded a warm welcome to the audience and the judges sat expectantly.
From Shakespeare’s Shylock to Rowling’s Potter, Tolkien’s Hobbit to Wordsworth’s Daffodils, this year’s elocution drew on a range of expression both traditional and contemporary. Particularly notable were the children’s understanding of and confidence in the works they recited, engaging the audience with their cadence in both poetry and prose.
The event concluded just as excitedly as it had begun. The winners basked in their much-deserved glory, the judges expressed their pleasure and the audience roared and clapped!
The English Elocution marked another year of the School’s endeavour to cultivate in our children a love for poetry and celebrate literary expression transcending conventions and cultures.