Events | Middle Section

Annual Inter-House Parliamentary Debates

28 Mar 2014

The Annual Inter-House Debates is a much awaited and coveted competition at the Middle Section. The Debate Club organises the event and House Masters and Mistresses, along with coaches from the English department, work closely with their teams to battle it out in the Shed!
Team members are trained to consider various perspectives, refute arguments through intelligent reasoning, coordinate with their team, listen closely, organise and structure their arguments effectively and articulate their ideas with ease and confidence.
The debates were spread over three days this year, and our students enjoyed every minute: the coin toss, the unnerving points of information, final rebuttal speeches and the much awaited results.
The Winning Debate Team 2014- Papworth
Best Speaker for 2014- Hannah Ashai- Papworth
Best Speakers in different sessions:
Hannah Ashai- Papworth, Mohammad Omer Kidwai- Napier, Dalia Sattar- Papworth, Alizeh Hashmi- Streeton