Events | Junior Section

Annual Sports Day

26 Feb 2020

The Sports Day is an exciting event which is held every year at the Junior Section. This year, the JS Annual Sports Day was held on a beautiful February morning and was a tremendous success. In the days leading up to the event, our young athletes diligently practised for the upcoming March Past and the P.E. Display.  When the day itself arrived, all of the children smartly dressed in their colourful house shirts, crisp white shorts and gleaming white socks and tennis shoes, became a perfect sight, a treat to behold.

The students of Year groups V and VI marched in synchrony to the tune played by the school band. The students of Year groups III and IV along with the Vs and the VIs took part in the P.E. Display. Each move had been carefully choreographed and was executed to perfection by the children. The outgoing Year group VI performed a separate aerobic sequence to round off the Display.  P.E. display was thoroughly enjoyed by the children and their parents.
There was a combination of different types of races, such as the flat race, relay race, hurdle race and novelty race, among others. Cheering by the audience was there all along and would peak in neck to neck finishes. Children's jubilation was evident when they were awarded the first, second and third prizes, for the gold, silver and bronze medals.  There was excitement in the air as the Ikram Siddiqui medal for best athlete was awarded to Raaniya Jamali of Napier house.

The winner of the March Past was Papworth house. Napier was declared the overall winner and the Cock House, with a grand total of 350 points, consecutively for three years in a row, making it a hat trick for Napier house this year. To add to the excitement of the day, children's races were interspersed with a teacher’s race, a parent’s race and a race for the domestics which kept everyone enthralled, as they happily cheered for the contestants and cheered loudly for the winners of the races.

The Chief Guest for the event was Dr. Saad Shafqat, Professor of Neurology at AKUH. He is a cricket enthusiast and columnist, and has penned a novel too. He gave out medals to the first, second and third prize winners of the day and presented trophies to the winning houses. In his speech, he spoke very effectively about the importance of being a good sportsman. His words made an impact on our young learners and the audience alike.