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Annual Sports Day, Junior Section

28 Feb 2017

 The Annual Junior School Sports Day was delayed due to the rainy spell in January. Eight field events had already been decided. The remaining races were run on Sports Day with parents cheering on!


Every single one of the 462 children enrolled in the school participated. The ceremony kicked of with a drum roll, by four students, which welcomed in the chief guest Dr. Esmail. This was followed by a well-coordinated march past and P.E. Display.


Spirits and the adrenaline ran high as the children lined up for their races, fighting for individual glory as well for the benefit of their houses. 


Habib Paracha of Frere won the best athletes award but in the end it was Napier that won the prize for best March Past display as well as for the cock house. 


A Salute

Yes! You young stars
You played your parts
Putting passion into your art
You won our hearts!
Nourished by your parents
Nurtured by your teachers
Needed by your country
You are the athletes of the future
The Olympians of tomorrow!
The colours are unfurled
Keep your flags flying
Fly high
Never say die;
Yes the day is done
Losers are none
The GAME has won!


Dr Hanif Esmail


(A salutation to the 462 young athletes who all participated in the Sports day event dated 28th Feb 2017)