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Art Day

17 Apr 2014

Art Day this year focused on integration, students explored key concepts from various subjects and expressed their understanding through art. The aim of this process was to explore links between subjects, deepen understanding and provide opportunities for creative expression.
The Shed and the Music Hall transformed into a wonderland of vibrant colours and creativity, as the work of the Canvas Club, the Outdoor Art Club, Integration Pieces, Assignments and Colours of Culture Tiles were put up for display. 14 schools from across Karachi participated in this competition and around 2500 paintings were displayed at the event. Preparations began early last term and the final work of the students was celebrated on Thursday, the 17th of April.
Judges, which included teachers from Karachi University, the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture, and eminent artists such as Riffat Alvi, Adnan Syed and Zain Mustafa, appreciated the enthusiasm and skill of the young artists. Awards were given out by Marjorie Hussain, a close friend of the art community, renowned artist, curator and art critic, and she also judged the live Inter-house Art Competition Boards.
The Artist of the Year 2014 prize was awarded to Zahra Mansoor of Class IX-L.