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Book Week: Class VI Biographies

15 Mar 2018

In the Class VI activity time, the theme was biographies. There were some interviews in Urdu: Fatima Jinnah, Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Benazir Bhutto and Abdul Sattar Edhi. Other wonderfully performed interviews were of Cleopatra, Adolf Hitler, Nelson Mandela, Mohammed Ali, the Wright Brothers and Sadequain.  A great adaptation of Shakespeare, with reference to Macbeth, was also enacted. By and large, a student who played the role of interviewer questioned students who played the role of famous personalities. Costumes added colour to occasion. The session ended with a short film to give tribute to a great personality- Stephen Hawking- who passed away the day before. It was a fitting close to the session, to remember such a brave man who has left his mark in this world despite the odds against him.