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Book Week: Day Three

13 Mar 2019

The third day of Book Week took off with the Class VI children telling the CLass IV children stories in English. They accompanied their stories with props as they dressed up according to the books they read from. This was followed by the Class V Activity in the AV Room. Each section of Class V chose a rich text and presented it dramatically during the Class V session. VK presented excerpts from James and the Giant Peach; VG presented a trio of poems on the perks of school life; VS brought Matilda to life; Grandma and George from VL kept the audience in fits with their conversations about the ‘marvellous medicine’; and VT took us into the world of The Seagull and the Cat Who Taught It How To Fly. The costumes, props,accentuated dialogue delivery and brilliant accompanying gestures and movements took the audience far away on magical journeys into different worlds in a short span of one and a half  hours. The day ended with Atif Badar reading to the Vs and VIs. His storytelling was very interactive as he asked the students to recite words and lyrics along with him .The students thoroughly enjoyed his dramatic reading of short stories as he moved around captivaitng the audience with his lyrical voice.