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Book Week: Day Two

20 Mar 2019

Day two of Book Week started off with a storytelling session in which Class V children read English stories to Class III students. The Class V readers dressed up and used props to aid them.

This was followed by an in house speaker, Ms Saman Shamsie, who told the class VI students stories from her childhood. They loved listening to her vivid, and often humorous, recounts of her trips to the beach with family and friends.

The day ended with  Classes III and IV. entertaining each other in the AV Room. Students of Class III prepared a performance which was presented to Class IV. These performances included Performance Poetry, Role plays, Author’s Interviews and enactment of an Urdu story. The Class IV also had an enjoyable time performing for Class  III. There was a poem which was enacted,drama using a short story on Greek Gods and Goddesses and their beliefs, short performances displaying the meaning and  importance of habits of mind. One section presented Aesops Fable,‘Stone Soup’ while another section had students read out excerpts from stories and asked their peers to guess the story and author’s name.