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Book Week: Special Assembly

16 Mar 2018

A Special Assembly was held which showcased presentations from each year group. A lot of talent and energy was on display as children acted and recited their parts in their cleverly put together costumes. A section of Class III children put on a play called ‘Jamoo Dhobi.’ One section of Class IV enacted a poem called ‘Parent Teacher Meeting’ which incorporated all the children of the class. A section of Class V performed an excerpt of the play, ‘Odysseus and Cyclops’ while Class VI presented two interviews. One was in Urdu, of Sadequain, and the other was in English in which an interviewer questioned both Hitler and Mandela. This was followed by a skit based on Macbeth and written by the children. Class III children ,dressed up as beautiful and colourful books, sang two songs, ‘Symphony no 9’ and ‘The Books’ ,to close the Assembly which was followed by students returning to class for a ‘Stop and Read’ Session where they sat quietly in class and read for 18 minutes (in keeping with the year 2018).