Events | Junior Section

Camping Day for the Girl and Boy Scouts of the KGS Junior Section

18 Mar 2017

 The objective of our weekly programme is to foster desir­able traits of character, citizenship, physical and mental fitness. This special event was organised to give the children an opportunity to ‘see’, ‘smell’ and ‘feel’ a small camping town in the Junior Section playground. The significance of this activity is mentioned in the KGS school song. The food was thoroughly enjoyed as the children roasted marshmallows and sausages.  Working together resulted in cooperation and teamwork leading to decision making. The children felt respected and appreciated for their own uniqueness as they came up for the campfire ceremony and four of them proudly announced their arrival saying 'I come from the East with Peace', and the next one said 'I come from the West with Brotherhood' and so on. This was followed by claps, laughter and songs around a well lighted fire under a calm and tranquil sky.