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Celebrating Grandparents

19 Oct 2022

 ‘Grandparents Day’ celebrates the bond that exists between grandparents and their grandchildren.It is a wonderful opportunity for the young and old to come together and have fun.


To mark this day,the Kindergarten Section organized a special Grandparents Assembly  on Wednesday, 19th October 2022.This intergenerational initiative was  a perfect occasion to honor grandparents, to offer them a chance to catch a glimpse of their grandchild’s daily school life, meet their classmates and teachers, and for grandchildren to show off  their grandparents to their friends and teachers!Grandparents saw some  lovely performances on a number of  action songs and also a lively karaoke show.


After the assembly,  grandparents took an informal gallery walk through the foyer which was decorated with  beautiful posters designed by the children of  Years I  and II for their precious grandparents. Children from Preps made cards in the art room and the Nursery children had participated in a ‘show and tell’ session in Urdu about their grandparents .


Kudos to the Kindergarten children for so creatively honoring their grandparents and making them feel like stars for a day!