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Class III goes on a field trip to TDF ‘Ghar’

21 Jan 2020

This year, the students of  Class III visited The Dawood Foundation (T.D.F.)‘Ghar’ on the 21st and 22nd of January 2020.This visit was an extension of the topic being discussed in  their Citizenship unit which was, ‘Own your Heritage’. The purpose of this visit was to encourage the children to relive the rich heritage of Karachi during the 1930’s which was evident in the beautiful architecture of this building. The students enjoyed touring the building and were particularly fascinated by the antique furniture and artefacts in the house which had been restored to serve as a community center for the people of Karachi. 

Our young children also had a hands-on experience with the interactive exhibition on ‘Karachi Ka Kemari’ which had been organized by TDF at TDF ‘Ghar’. The exhibit had been  spread over three of the rooms in the house, to help the children and the adults visiting, to get a feel for the history of Kemari and how it has been changing over the years.