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Class V visits the Pakistan State Bank Museum

10 Feb 2020

Class V went on  a field trip, to the Pakistan State Bank Museum, on the 6th and 7th of February. The trip was a visual treat. Housed in an impressive structure whose architecture is that of an old colonial building, the museum is divided into a number of galleries, including a coin gallery, a stamp gallery and an art gallery. Students got to understand the history of money from barter and coins to today’s use of credit/ debit cards  and ebanking.  Coins made of gold and silver, with heads of rulers and later calligraphy were on display as were outmoded currency such as one rupee and five rupee notes. An exquisite collection of intricate stamps was also noteworthy. The Sadequain Gallery with its massive murals was yet another treat for the students. Armed with handouts, the students gathered information which they jotted down to reinforce their learning.