Events | Junior Section

Class VI Farewell

21 May 2018

The Junior Section gathered in the auditorium to bid farewell to Class VI. Students from Class VI were joined by talent from across the section in a variety show that entertained all. Three sections performed three very different skits in which they imparted 11 life lessons, highlighted the need to save the earth and enacted an excerpt from a book available in their library. Songs were performed by groups as well as soloists. One group of Class Vs used cups which they rhythmically tapped on a table top to create a percussion effect while singing. A bhangra dance was performed in richly coloured national dress. Guitars and keyboards were also played to highlight the range of talent across the sections. Each section was represented by a student who read out a speech on behalf of their class. It was a touching and fitting farewell to Class VI which will now move on to Middle School in August.