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Class VII Orientation Report

29 Jul 2016

New to the Middle Section, the students of Class VII walked in with excitement and apprehension on the orientation day on Friday, 29th July, 2016.  Carefully planned Orientation made students familiar with their surroundings; warm towards their peers; and acquainted with their teachers.


The Middle Section conducted an orientation programme for the students of Class VII on Friday, 29th July, with a view to harness the maximum involvement of children towards a successful future. As well as means to helping students interact with each other using this opportunity as an icebreaker before the children step into the busy academic routines.  The Orientation Day began with a warm welcome address by the Headmistress, focusing on the mission and vision of the school and highlighting a few necessary guidelines that students need to keep in mind during their academic year. This was followed by a welcome by the Year Tutor who also conveyed a few important rules and regulations regarding student’s attendance, regulatory and uniform requirements. The respective class teachers for Class VII were introduced and students were ushered to their homerooms.


The rest of the orientation day for the students was divided into four sessions, namely: issuing of text and exercise books, issuing of stationary, meeting the house teacher and walk around and Team Building activities.


The Middle Section Orientation Day aimed at setting a comfortable atmosphere for students either joining from the Junior Section or from a different school altogether. Team building activities were introduced for the first time as part of the orientation.

Three Activities each for the duration of 15 minutes were scheduled. The Year Tutor conducted these sessions with the assistance of the class and assistant class teacher. Activities included:

1.       Icebreaking Bingo

2.       Passing through the Hola Hoop

3.       Passing the ball


These activities targeted student interaction within their sections, build a team spirit and develop a sense of healthy competition with other sections.