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DAWN Spelling Bee- 2015

19 Nov 2015

Karachi Grammar School annually participates in the DAWN Spelling Bee. This year three students Zeeshan Rasool of Class IX-T, Saneea Malik of Class VIII-T & Ashir Sharjeel of Class VIII-L represented the Middle Section in the 11th Spelling Bee.

After many months of preparation and practice, the team won the District Round alongside St. Peter’s High School on Sunday 1st November. The district round is a team effort where all three students confer a spelling and respond as a group. 

After qualifying for the Regional Round Zeeshan, Saneea and Ashir doubled their preparatory efforts even though they were occupied with Sport Day practices and heats.

The Regional Round took place on November 4th at the Karachi Arts Council. The team made it to Round 2, which is an individual round. The Middle Section managed to win the Regional Champion title as well as the 1st Runner up. On Thursday 19th November, Zeeshan represented Karachi Grammar School as the Regional Champion and Saneea as the first Runner-up in the Final Round in Islamabad.

ThDescription: Middle Section is extremely proud of the efforts of our students whose enthusiasm could not be curbed regardless of academic pressure.