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Doctor Faustus

22 Feb 2014

From the Directors' Desk:

We were told that directing the annual school play would be an enriching experience.  We were told that it would be a challenge worth seizing.
Yet we did not really know what that meant until the Student Performance Night, when the final music swelled at the end and we turned around to see our Middle School audience standing, clapping, jumping, and screaming almost as loud as the music.  Their energy was electrifying. We felt touched, exhilarated, to see something we had been working on for six months be appreciated by our own students.
Doctor Faustus is a mature play.  It was a challenge to take a work so deep and meaningful and make it accessible and enjoyable for all ages, from the Junior Section students to the parents of the cast members.  The most enriching part was forming lively relationships with a very special team of students, and getting the chance to work with them as they eagerly explored their budding skills and confidence.  All of us have so many memories.
How can we forget the hundreds of messages about “what time is practice tomorrow”, and “will these boots match the color of my costume?”