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Drama Festival at Arts Council 2019

19 Feb 2019

Szabist Theatre organized a Drama Festival at Arts Council.  The Urdu department took part in the competition and performed on ‘Rustom and Suhrab’ by Agha Hashar Kashmiri. The cast of the play included 21 students - 20 artists and 1 student was responsible for technical support (light and sound). This 45 minutes show did not lose the audience’s attention for a single moment and received a standing ovation by the judges at the end.

Middle Section won the First prize overall in the competition. The festival included teams from different A’ level colleges and universities; team KGS was crowned the Best Play of the night and also received 5 other awards;

- Best Costume - Cast

- Best Script - Ms Maheen and  Ms Malik

- Best Direction - Ms Maheen

- Best Actress 1 - Mishal Khan

- Best Actress 2 - Myra Khan