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Earth Day 2020

22 Apr 2020

Our in-house Model United Nations delegates attended a Facebook Live session on Write for the Planet organized by The School of Writing on the Earth Day.


My dear Earth,

Where do I begin? You were like an angel, sheltering and safeguarding us on your very own divine back, providing us with drink when we were thirsty, food when we were tired. Your breaths of angelic oxygen replenished us all, so we're sorry because of us, you now have to breathe puffs of black brimstone and foul carbon, we're sorry that we blemished your milky-white wings with our own filthy garbage. We are sorry that we were so wrapped up in our own selfish acts we forgot to take care of you, our true saviour. Please forgive us all, and come back to us again.

Love us again, please.

Syed Ali Hassan IX -  L


Dear Mother Earth,

You are very dear to me as man is happiest when he is at his home. However, despite all the ways in which you have blessed and protected me, I have exploited you owing to my greed for power and industrial dominance. There was a time when all the other planets were jealous of Earth being the only place where species could live and thrive, whereas now due to our hunger for power and the chaos It created, you are mocked by your fellow planets being referred to as, “The children are poisoning their own mother.”

I am very sorry for every way in which we humans have harmed you and I hope that your merciful nature will forgive us for our crimes. 


Umar Sheikh IX - K




On this beautiful day listen to Michael Jackson's  Heal the World