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Earth Day Celebrations

27 Apr 2016

To celebrate Earth Day, the children were engaged in various activities. The nursery students made placemats and decorated them with their suggestions on how to save resources of the earth.
The prep children brainstormed ways in which they could protect the earth’s scarce resources and using these ideas compiled a booklet titled “Save the Earth”.
The children of classes I and II played their part as environmentalists by using recycled materials to build a variety of creative models.

As a culmination of earth day celebrations all the students participated in the “Pass it On” activity where the students exchanged a toy with their friends in order to inculcate our motto reuse, reduce, and recycle! The children were thrilled to part with their old toys which they no longer played with and get another one to enjoy. We hope they continue to practice the 3 R’s and keep our planet clean and green.