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Educational Trip

02 Mar 2015

 The arrival of spring brings excitement to the children of class II as they  visit the Flower Show each year . They left for the Flower Show on a beautiful cool Karachi morning and headed for the DHA Seaview Park . The children were very keen to become "plant detectives" and showed enthusiasm in jotting down all the important information that was being shared with them at the various stalls.

It was wonderful to see the children naming the parts of a plant and their functions . They were amazed by the various varieties of cacti and the ferns which had leaves which grew downwards like roots . The bonsai trees also filled them with awe as the gardener explained how these miniature trees were pruned.

On their return they all recieved a colorful Petunia to take home . The children promised to give their plant a lot of love and care .