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English Choral Elocution 2019

01 Oct 2019

The English Department very proudly presents the Choral Elocution each year. Teachers and students work tirelessly; each student on campus gets to perform on stage, after a series of rounds in-class, the most effective team is selected to represent their section for the inter-class competition. Our bright-eyed public speakers' verbatim recitals of a vast collection of poems, prose, speeches and adaptions of profound literary works, enduced the audience to applaud and encourage their peers.

We were elated to have Ms. Faiza Kazi and Mr. Jude Lobo as our guest judges, along with them, Neshmia Fasihuddin (student judge; winner from last year) and our Head of Section, Mrs. Muneeza Shaikhali helped in judging the contest. Our confident and joyful hosts were Ammar Naqvi (IX K) and Abdul Rafay (IX M). The winners of the elocution were:


VII W: Abeer Hussain, Ahmed Iqtida, Myra Ahmed and Ahyan Khurshid (Let's Unite by Syed Shah Saud)

VIII G: Alayna Irfan, Hina Samad, Amani Garib and Ameen Zain (One Day by a Kashmiri brother)

IX K: Rayan Jivani, Muhammad Aabir Adnan and Aiza Ali (Mark Antony's speech from Shakespeare's Julius Caesar)

The event was organised and managed by Ms. Aliya Hassan and Ms. Jennifer Johnson