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English Elocution – October 1, 2015

01 Oct 2015

 Not only what is said is important, but how it is said. Elocution is the art of effective communication. It is the interplay of inflection, accent, voice and gesture.

At Karachi Grammar School Middle Section, the English Elocution marks an exciting and anticipated event in the annual academic calendar. The event heralds one elocution from each section of three grade levels. These students are invited to recite on stage, a literary text, in poetry or prose, in front of their school and a panel of judges. The best speaker is then awarded a certificate.

The Annual Elocution helps to build confidence in our students and gives them a platform to express their viewpoints with self-written speeches- a courageous feat, encouraged and appreciated by the school.

This year, once again, students worked diligently to interpret and capture the essence of their pieces. The highlight of the event was the speech was on religious bigotry, written and delivered by Hamza Qadri of VII R, which won him the first position in the competition. Equally riveting were the orations of Martin Luther King's and Mark Anthony's speeches by Yahya Ahmed of VIII K and Rohail Hassan of IX K which secured them second and third positions in the contest respectively.