Events | Middle Section

Festival of Learning 2018

16 Feb 2019



Festival of Learning 2018 was initiated to foster Project Based Learning as a whole school activity. Three themes (Water, Kindness and Care and Sustainable Living) were selected by the students. They worked together with the teacher leading the theme for their class, while integrating it with other disciplines. The Festival of Learning celebration occurred on 20th of December 2018.

Islamiyat: Students worked on the "Go Green Project" for the Festival of Learning. Students represented the power of water in the Islamic history and beliefs.  Their work displayed "Spiritual Symbolism of Water".

English: Shahzain Danish from IX-K displayed his letter about water justice and innovation. He will send it to the Karachi Sewage and Water Board and national newspapers. Students from IX-M performed a skit on the water crisis of today’s times.

Art: Students integrated with different subjects of their year level. A group of students worked towards depicting how the theme of Sustainable Living affects man.