Events | Junior Section

Field Trip for the Scouts

17 Feb 2018

The scouts went on a field trip to Aunty Park on a beautiful cool day in February. They met at the school and walked over to the park which is round the corner from the Junior Section. They took the long route as the children enjoyed the thrill of walking out in the open. Once in the park, they started investigating the garden which was in full bloom with lovely spring flowers.  Armed with measuring tapes and magnifying glasses, they set about searching and examining nature. They looked at ants through magnifying glasses and measured the smaller trees. They also sat in groups and tried to make a fire using paper and the magnifying glass. One group actually succeeded. The park gardener also put out water and grains to attract birds which flocked to the park, much to the children’s delight.  They shared their snacks with each other and the teachers and made their way home after a couple of hours of observations.