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Founders Day Celebrations

01 Nov 2022

The children of Nursery and Prep celebrated the 175th anniversary of Karachi Grammar School in their own inimitable way.
Balloons, matching the school colours of blue and maroon adorned the foyer ceiling and added a festive touch to the special occasion.The Nursery children contributed to the school spirit by colouring 175 strips of repurposed paper in their House colours,these were then used to create paper chains,which were then festooned around the classrooms.
The day started with a rather special assembly held in the auditorium.Smartly dressed in their iconic white and grey uniforms, proudly wearing their maroon and blue ties, the children sang the national anthem and watched a  multimedia presentation showcasing the history of Karachi Grammar School and sharing some fun facts about it! The assembly ended on a festive note with the children singing ‘‘Happy Birthday” to the school!
The children of both year groups were given an in-house tour of the premises with the highlight being a trip to the Junior Section! The children explored the campuses and enjoyed seeing the different classrooms and learning spaces.
The celebrations however continued on their return to the Kindergarten, as the children participated in a variety of creative activities ,including making illustrations of the part of the school that they liked best and their favourite part of the celebrations.Contributing to the festivities, a huge 3D cake with 175 candles was crafted and put on display.Each candle,marking a year in the ‘life’ of KGS,had been individually designed and decorated by the Prep students.Bespoke headbands made by all the children added to the festive vibes, and they were more than thrilled to wear something so fun and unique at home time.
Children had the opportunity to capture and preserve these memories by having a commemorative class photograph taken.

To round off such a memorable day, each child received a yummy cupcake before heading home !