Events | Junior Section

Guest Speaker: Zain Mustafa

04 Oct 2017

Architect and animal activist, Zain Mustafa came to talk to Class V about 'Kindness to Animals.' The children of Class V have studied a poem in Literature called,' My Mother Saw a Dancing Bear,' which highlights the cruelty suffered by these performing animals. Mr Mustafa extended this idea by talking about the poor treatment of animals in Pakistan and the noble actions being taken to protect such animals. He spoke of a bear sanctuary in the Punjab which rescues dancing bears. He also talked about SPAR, a Society for the Protection of Animal Rights. Mr Mustafa is President and founding member SPAR  which is working with the government to change legislation and to develop a bill which protects animals. He told a powerful story and the  background to how he started SPAR when he attempted to rescue a suffering Husky.

Mr Mustafa held the attention of the children as he talked about the plight of animals in Pakistan. The cruel ways animals such as monkeys, bears, birds and elephants were trained. The talk was intended to empower children to be a voice against injustice. His message was loud and clear. 'Silence becomes an accomplice to injustice. We are their voice....don't be silent.