Events | Middle Section

Independence Day 2016

15 Aug 2016

 In a festive ambience under the Shed, The Middle Section gathered to celebrate Pakistan’s Independence on Friday 12, August, 2016. Earnest effort of the Monitors engaged and enthused all present. An insightful presentation by the Monitors familiarized the students about interesting facts and statistics about our Nation. Students were seated in their respective Houses and a sense of healthy competition surrounded the entire student body. General knowledge quiz comprised 4 rounds: historical facts, visual recognition of famous sites, and auditory prompts of famous national songs and local musical instruments.  After feverishly contested rounds, Napier was declared the victor. Jubilant Napierites used their green flags to rejoice after each correct response - instead of their usual blue.

Each of the four Houses under the leadership of their House Captains had prepared a skit, song or a dance. A well-received skit on ‘Sassi and Pannu’ presented by Papworth representing Sind, is worthy of a special mention. Frere showed Punjab’s colourful culture through traditional ‘Bhangra’. Khyber Pukhtoon Khwa was represented by Streeton through traditional folk song and dance. Napier danced away to the tune of “babul e si reshma bimaley…’’ National Anthem was sung with a live band of our own budding stars – Hamza Mooraj (IX R), Kian Baig (IX R) and Zaid Ahmed Jalil (XIII K).

Provincial display boards were organised by House Captains, using artistic talents of their House members. Streeton was declared winner with the best display: regional costume, important sites, literature and art that beautifully represented the cultural heritage of Khyber Pakhtun  Khwa. A ceremonial distribution of ice-cream was enjoyed by the entire body of students and staff.