Events | Junior Section

Independence Day

09 Aug 2019

Independence Day was celebrated with great excitement in the Junior Section, along with the Kindergarten Section, on the 9th of August, in lieu of the upcoming Eid holidays and the government holiday on the 14th of August.  The Headmistress, Mrs. Farooq, welcomed  the Kindergarten Section to their first assembly alongside the Junior Section.  She thanked all those who had helped to bring this event together.  She spoke about the importance of working hard to make our country great. Mrs. Farooq also mentioned that we should focus on three things that we could do to make Pakistan even better. The event started off with a beautiful rendition of the national anthem by the whole school.

In the spirit of patriotism, the children had been asked to wear their national dress and the teachers wore traditional clothes with the theme being green and white. The M.C.  for the mornings festivities was Mrs. Aslam , who welcomed Mrs. Nazia Hasan and the parents to the assembly. Mrs. Nazia Hasan is a parent and a musician who often assists with the Junior Section choir. She led the children and the staff choir in the singing of traditional Pakistani songs, accompanied by the Music teacher, Mr.Thomas. The words of the songs were displayed on the multimedia for the children and parents to sing along.  Everyone actively participated in the singing, making the event a huge success.  The festivities for the morning were concluded by the Headmistress who called for us to be united under one Pakistani flag. She asked that we remember that we are proud citizens of Pakistan and spoke about the importance of being patriotic to this great country.  The school song was then sung by the whole school.

Prior to the 14th August festivities, badges had been made by the children, to commemorate this event. Activities had also previously been conducted in the class and the work of the children had been displayed in the classrooms.

In keeping with the tradition here at K.G.S. the children and the teachers were given green and white cupcakes, to celebrate this occasion which were thoroughly enjoyed by all.