Events | Middle Section

Independence Day Celebrations

13 Aug 2015

 The Middle Section Monitors organised the Independence Day Celebrations this year. Each House was asked to prepare a presentation and quiz on one province allocated to them: Sind - Napier, Punjab – Streeton, Balochistan – Papworth and Khyber Pakhtoon Khwa - Frere. The Middle Section assembled in the Shed for a vibrant ceremony to watch informative power points and quiz on special features, fact, figures and history of each province. After an energised quiz between Houses, Frere was declared victorious! Provincial display boards were organised by House Monitors that engaged students with artistic talents and formed a colourful backdrop for the event. Students were asked to wear one item of clothing on their school uniform to represent their allocated province. Frere, Napier, Papworth and Streeton sang national songs at the end of the ceremony and were all rewarded with an ice-cream bar, for their enthusiasm and for being proud Pakistanis!