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Inter-House Debate Competition 2015

31 Mar 2015

The annual Inter-House Parliamentary Debates were organised, hosted and conducted by the Debate Club Student Management with the support of the Club Patron.

The House teams debated on a variety of topics, some light hearted and others that were more thought provoking. The robust arguments were a result of strong research, teamwork, intense brainstorming sessions and unique perspectives. The sharp rebuttals, quick counter arguments and conviction of the speakers made this year's Debates a stimulating experience,  something which our guest judges, Mr. Javed Jabbar, Mr. Samar Ali Khan and Mr. Faheem Zaman commended at the closing ceremony. Mrs. Muneeza Shaikhali, Mrs. Ailia Rizvi and Mr. Aurangzeb Khan were also part of the Judging Panel on all three mornings. 

This year's Annual Debates were also unique because for the first time we invited parents to be part of the audience. 

For the second consecutive year Papworth won the competition and Hannah Ashai of 9L, was the Best Overall Speaker. She was the Best Overall Speaker for the 2014 Debates as well.