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Japan- Understanding Perspectives

28 Aug 2014

Ms. Hiroka Tshuchiya the Japanese Consul for Information and Culture, and three students who had been part of JENESYS 2.0, a Youth Exchange Programme initiated by the Government of Japan for students of SAARC countries, came to speak to Class IX, on the 28th of August. 

The presentation and interactive session is part of the Japanese Government's effort to promote understanding among young people in Japan and SAARC countries, and to give students an opportunity to deepen their understanding of Japanese culture and society.


The students enjoyed the interactive session with Ms.Tshuchiya, who familiarised them with Japanese Pop culture, technological advancements and deep rooted traditions, that make up Japan. She appreciated our student's enthusiastic participation during the language session and the children were delighted when she offered that they try on traditional Kimonos, Yukatas and Japanese masks.  


There was a display counter with traditional artifacts that our students enjoyed viewing. The JENESYS 2.0 members shared with class IX fond memories of their time in Japan, and the unique opportunity JENESYS 2.0 had given them to not just study in Japan, but live with a Japanese family and understand and share perspectives.