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JS Annual Concert - May 2022

24 May 2022

After two and a half years, the ‘Karachi Grammar School Concert’ took place in May 2022.
It was a memorable evening as this was the first time ever on this campus that an Urdu play, ‘Hatim Tai’ was enacted by the students of class six, followed by the timeless and captivating musical, ‘ Mary Poppins’, the world’s favourite nanny and her magical adventures with the Banks family.
It was heartening to see every child of the Junior Section participating, either singing enthusiastically in the choir or dancing to some of the favourite songs of Mary Poppins. The stage was a visual feast as the costumes worn by the children were a resplendent and vibrant display of colour.
Both plays were greatly appreciated by the parents and other guests present at the performance, providing a spectacular platform for the talents of the children to be enjoyed and celebrated.
The productions were a great team effort and due praise must go to the teachers who have encouraged the children all the way.