Events | Junior Section

JS Scouts Hike

14 May 2022

An excursion was organized for the Junior Section Scouts as part of the ‘Scout Training Programme' and the last of Scouts sessions for the term.
The session started at the Junior Section premises with flag hoisting and national anthem in group/patrol formation. The group then left for Aunty Park, behind KGS College Section.
They were accompanied by a team of skilled teachers, guards and support staff. A nurse also accompanied the group along with a first aid box in case of any emergency.
The teachers made sure that the children were made aware of the rules for foot hikes. The scouts were encouraged to exercise their observation skills and take mental notes of important landmarks around the school neighbourhood.
Different activities that were taken up during the excursion included:
1.         Observation tasks, estimation skills and finding direction with the help of the Sun.
2.         Fire lighting with a magnifying glass on dry grass and paper. 
3.         A Treasure Hunt game!
4.         Observation and recording of details about plants, flowers, insects, etc. and the surroundings overall.
5.         Tree climbing was the most loved and enjoyed activity of all.
This excursion established brotherhood and friendly relationships within the group of cubs and junior guides.