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KGS Swimming Gala

01 Nov 2019

The Swimming Gala is an annual event which was held on the 1st of November, 2019 for classes IV, V and VI. It was an exciting event and was enjoyed by all. This year, the Junior Section celebrated their  25th year of their Swimming Gala and a certificate of appreciation was given to the Swimming Coach who had planned and executed the very first Swimming Gala ever held at the Junior Section and has been steadily rendering his services throughout his tenure here at KGS.  All four houses participated in this event with a grand total of 237 swimmers representing their houses. Napier House was the winner in both the girls and boys events. The overall winner for the day’s activities was Napier. The runner up house was Frere. The event was well received with parents of Class VI who were invited to the Gala.  

Founders Day was commemorated on this day and cupcakes were distributed in keep with the tradition at KGS.

The Swimming Gala for Class III was held on the 2nd of November, 2019. A total of 139 swimmers participated in this event, with students representing their respective houses.  The winning house of the day was once again Napier.