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Kindergarten Section Annual Sports Day 2022

18 Nov 2022

Friday, November 18th was an important day for the children of the Kindergarten Section. It was the first time after the Covid-19 pandemic that the Annual Sports Day event was held for all  four-year groups together.The presence of parents' added to the excitement and spirit of the day.


The morning began with the arrival of the Chief Guest, Mrs. Noorjahan Bilgrami, followed by the singing of the National Anthem.Children dressed in House t-shirts, carried out a beautiful P.E display accompanied by a rousing beat . It was a wonderful  demonstration of collaboration and teamwork.


Sports day at the Kindergarten was not about competition. It was about children having fun, being physically active, learning the basics of sports and building age appropriate coordination and motor skills, thereby giving  them an opportunity to display their self confidence, patience and sportsmanship.

Children  competed class-wise in different skill-based  games and novelty events,focusing on doing it right, finishing and cheering each other on.The events chosen were fun, safe, easy to participate in successfully,while being appropriately challenging. Once the races and events began, parents and teachers filled the air with cheers and lots of encouragement for the young athletes.There were even races for the parents,teachers and ancillary staff ,much to the delight of the children.

The day ended too soon,with Year II exhibiting their expertise in the skill run, and then making their final bow in front of the Chief Guest, a testament to the fact that they were ready to take on bigger challenges as they moved on to the Junior Section.Speeches from the Headmistress, Principal and Chief Guest capped off a wonderful day of athletic activity; leaving the children with lasting memories of an eventful day,as well as a goody bag each!

A big well done to everyone!