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Mathematics Olympiad -2016

05 Mar 2016

The Mathematics Department at the Middle School organised the Inter-House Mathematics Olympiad for the third consecutive year. It was an excellent opportunity for our Mathematics enthusiasts to stretch their minds, collaborate and problem solve. Speed and accuracy were of essence through out the fiercely competed event.


Sixteen teams - 4 from each of the houses were seated in the shed. Each team comprised 6 members: 2 from each of the three year groups  - VII, VIII and IX. Each member had earned his or her place through an intense elimination round held earlier in February. The participants were hence ready to show their mettle on pleasant Saturday morning on March 5, 2016.


The hosts of the event were two students from Class IX-  Aryaan Aslam and Manaal Salman, who seamlessly conducted four rounds: Activity Round, the Puzzle Round, the Mental Math Round and the True and False Round.


Parents had come in to support the teams and there was a Parents Round as well!


History repeated itself when the Napier House team was declared the champions, and Streeton House, once again, were runners- up. The participants of each of the winning teams were:


Winning Team Napier House:

1.    Zoya Fashiuddin             VII-T

2.   Aanya Afridi                      VII-K

3.   Haider Shehzad                VIII-G

4.   Nawal Waseem                 VIII-L

5.   Shan Samir Lakhani        IX-R

6.   Hamza Chapra                  IX-R


Runner up Streeton House:

1.    S. M. Umer                         VII-K

2.   Zain Hussain                      VII-S

3.   Shazreh Abdullah              VIII-M

4.   Hamzah Sakrani                VIII-G

5.   Shayan Hassan                   IX-M

6.   Zain Hasan                          IX-L