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Outstanding Display of Art at Lahore Grammar Fest - 2015

21 Sep 2015

 Under the category of Still Life depicting ‘Reflection’, Neha Abid from Class X-M showcased culture through symbolic references from all four provinces with a reflection of Pakistan’s flag through a mirror. Haris Asir Hasan and Ayesha Sahar Mirza represented KGS for Thematic Art; they depicted the ‘Persian Tradition’ with all its glory and splendor.  Sarah Mukaty from Class X represented KGS under the category of Sketching and was awarded the 2nd Position. Participants for the fourth group – Graffiti; were Shahzreh Abdullah, Anjaleen Maryam Agrawalla, Hafsa Kashif and Azmeh Faruqi from Class VIII. The topic given was ‘Creepy Disney’ in which they beautifully composed four Disney characters. They were awarded the 2nd Position for the same.

It must be appreciated that in all the art competitions, the students from KGS were much younger in comparison to the other participants who belonged from O and A levels. However, the general response was that the work of the KGS students was not any less in terms of techniques and understanding of art concepts.

Apart from participating in competitions, students also visited selected sites that enhanced their imagination and exposure to our beautiful heritage - the Al Hamra Art Gallery, where work of National College of Arts (NCA) was on display on the theme of Coca-Cola. Students also visited the beautiful site of Quaid-e-Azam Library, Haveli Barood Khana and enjoyed a delightful meal at Andaz Café at the footsteps of the Lahore Fort and Badshahi Masjid.