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Parents' Discussion Session

27 Mar 2014

On Thursday afternoon, a Parents' Discussion Session was organised on the Rampant and Indiscriminate use of Social Media by our 11-14 year old adolescents.

The objective was to share with parents the School's expectations with regard to this most pressing issue, and to create an opportunity for parents to share their concerns and perspectives. 
Representatives from the parents shared their ideas and responses to the following questions:
i)   What do you say (or what should you be saying) to your children about online risks?
ii)   How do you (or could you) monitor your child's use of social media?
iii)  What online manners should you teach your children?
iv)   How would you want the school to respond when confronted with evidence of misuse of social media?
With children more digitally connected than ever before, these conversations are both valuable and important.