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Parents' Discussion Session- Classes Nursery and Prep

06 Oct 2016

A parents’ discussion session was arranged by the Nursery and Prep coordinators on Saturday, 1st of October 2016 . The speaker invited was Dr. Irfan Jeeva who is an Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology and Service Line Chief of the Eye and ENT Department at Aga Khan University Hospital.

Dr. Jeeva spoke about the “Usage of Hand Held Devices in Children and its Repercussions,” an issue that many parents struggle with in this day and age. He shared facts and figures from around the world, examples from his own practice, along with a hard hitting video that confirmed the harmful impact of screens, especially blue light on the quality of a child’s vision. The main take-home message from the talk was to limit screen time to less than 1.5hrs a day and compensate screen time with outdoor activity, so that the eyes can relax.  The speaker stressed that parents need to take full responsibility and set boundaries around screen time with their children. The talk closed with an engaging question and answer session.