Events | Middle Section

Prizegiving 2015

17 Apr 2015

The days leading up to the Middle Section's first ever Prizegiving Celebrations were filled with excitement and anticipation.

Academic Courage has been the theme at the Middle Section this year, and the event celebrated the achievements of students who display resilience and courage both in Sports and Academics. The various categories, in each subject related award, appreciated the efforts of students who have the courage to struggle with complex ideas and concepts, have the patience to stop, reflect and make decisions wisely in the face of unforeseen dilemmas and who display the courage to ask questions, admit confusions and approach issues with an open, astute mind.


Other than the awards, the event was also an opportunity for our students to display their talent not only in song, dance and elocution, but three Class VII students shared their ideas for inventions they had come up with during Science Week.


The event was followed by a Bake Sale organised by the Helpers' Society and Monitors.