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Project Day 2013- Today and Tomorrow

14 Oct 2013

Today and Tomorrow' was the theme for Project Day 2013, at the Middle Section. On the 11th of October, parents and students from six other schools attended the event where our students shared the conclusions they had drawn from their research of the following ideas:

The effects of Historical events from the 1100’s to the 1850’s, on contemporary society.
Pakistan’s power resources, industries, agriculture, transport, communication network and
future possibilities for improvement.
Mathematics & ICT:         
·         Making explicit connections with other subjects and with real life.  
·         Using presentation software to explore Math concepts.
Comparing sport and entertainment during the ‘Age of Enlightenment’ with current trends.
·         What ‘Jihad’ means today and whether it has been misunderstood.                 
·         The role of the ‘Ummat’ in contemporary society and what Islam teaches Muslims about establishing ties with people from other faiths.
Bible Knowledge:             
·         The status of women in Christianity and how it relates to the role of women in present times and in the future.
·         The role of media in spreading Christianity.
·         The Parables of Jesus and their relevance today and in the future.