Events | Middle Section

Rock for a Cause

24 Jan 2015

The bright chilly morning was the perfect setting for an exciting affair, with electrifying performances from our young Rock Stars!

From the fairy lights and beaming disco ball, to the food and the dramatic arrival of the Mystery Guest, the Helpers' Society had worked hard to arrange everything to perfection, and the shed was buzzing with energy and fun. 


Our students displayed their talent in both song and dance, but when Shezad Roy drove in on his Harley Davidson, amidst cheers and excited gasps, enthusiasm reached new heights! The Helpers' ushered him on stage where he performed for the Middle Section.


At tea, later on, Mr. Roy spoke about his work in the field of education and the need for the nation to be more actively involved in efforts to provide quality education to all the children of Pakistan. A cause close to the heart of our Helpers' Society.