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Science Week: Guest Speaker: Ayesha Chundrigar

06 Nov 2018

Science Week concluded with a talk by  Ayesha Chundrigar of the Ayesha Chundrigar Foundation (ACF). ACF is a shelter for stray animals and Ayesha spoke to the children of Class III and IV about importance of kindness to animals. She showed the children videos highlighitng her work which includes taking in stray cats, dogs and donkeys. Vets are avaible to work with injured animals, including eagles. One video showed two dogs who were set up in trolley wheel chairs which helped them walk again. ACF was founded in 2013 but Ayesha said she had been taking in stray dogs ever since she was six years old. She adivsed children to leave bowls of water and leftover food to feed strays in the neighbourhood as an act of kindness. Ayesha Chundrigar did not come alone. She brought with her two stray puppies who were a huge hit with the children.